10 Based on the Allwinner A20 SoC, 11 it would have a 7" multitouch display, run the Plasma Active user interface on top of Mer, and have a target price of about 200.Primary customers are device vendors, not end-users.27 Revival with "MeeGo Reconstructed" edit After the Tizen project was announced, the revival of the Mer project was announced on the MeeGo mailing list, 2 with the promise that it would be developed and governed completely in the open as a meritocracy, unlike MeeGo.

Collapse of MeeGo edit The development was silently resumed during the summer of 2011 by a handful of MeeGo developers (some of them previously active in the Mer project after Nokia changed its strategy in February 2011.Jolla released its first smartphone using Sailfish in 2013, simply called Jolla.

As of early July 2012, the Vivaldi had been set back, but a solution was "in the pipes according to Plasma developer Aaron Seigo.25 By then, MeeGo was available and supported by a much wider community.See also edit References edit " Mer Project website".