It does not help fix awkward situations, but can sometimes make them worse or more awkward, but if used correctly can be an icebreaker / good transition to new conversation.Acronym, definition, mER, mars Exploration Rover (nasa mER, mercredi (French: Wednesday mER, merchant, mER, modulation Error Ratio (digital communications mER, merrill Lynch (stock symbol mER, mercoledì (Italian: Wednesday mER, mercator, mER, monthly Energy Review, mER, management Expense Ratio, mER, maputo Elephant Reserve (Mozambique mER, medical.

November 28, 2010, mer unknown, an alternative for damn, dang, crap, lame, ugh, why me?German, - mer (as in Polymer, polymer, isomer, isomer ) and French -mère, both from Greek meros, part ; see (s) mer - in, indo-European roots.

Home, conferences, topics, careers, login, signup, skip to content."want to hang out tonight?" "Sorry, I already have plans." boo, you whore." mER.