John's Wood, London, for refugees (mostly German) of the revolutions of 1848 (the Forty-Eighters ).In the late 18th century, the political salon of Anne d'Yves played a role in the Brabant Revolution of 1789.55 During the Swedish age of liberty (1718-1772 women participated in political debate and promoted their favorites in the struggle between the Caps (party) and the Hats (party) through political salons.

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Steven Kale, French Salons: High Society and Political Sociability from the Old Regime to the Revolution of 1848 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006).25 Others, such as Steven Kale, compromise by declaring that the public and private spheres overlapped in the salons.3/4 (spring-summer, 1976.

Related content, related words shop, room, hall, parlor, gallery, showroom, gathering, group, assemblage, reception, nearby words salol, salome, salometer, salomon, salomon, haym, salon music, salonica, salonika, saloon, saloon car Origin of salon 170515; French Italian salone, equivalent to sal(a) hall ( Germanic; compare Old English.Dictionnaire des femmes belges: XIXe et XXe siècles.28 Works in the 19th and much of the 20th centuries often focused on the scandals and petty intrigues of the salons.